Problems and Solutions of Drop Fiber Optical Cable

There are many uses for drop fiber optical cables, and network cables are also one of the uses of drop fiber optical cables. However, there are some small and small problems in using drop fiber optical cables, so I will answer them today.

Question 1: Does the surface of the optical fiber cable affect the quality? How can the optical fiber cable refuel on the surface?

The surface of the leather wire optical cable usually has a layer of oily substance, the main function is to achieve the function of blocking water. The optical signal is mainly transmitted through the glass core inside, so it will not affect the transmission quality.

Question two: The leather cable is used as a network cable, and a hole is made in the leather cable with a nail. Does it have any effect?

As long as you can access the Internet normally, it means nothing, but in general, if it is a leather cable, there is a high possibility that it will break. According to a white fiber cable, there are only two wires and a black circular fiber cable. Many cores, if only two are used, the other cores are idle, maybe they just bypassed the main two cores.

Question 3. The new community FTTH integrated wiring requires the use of the common network box of the three operators. The network box requires only one sheathed fiber optic cable. How many cores of sheathed fiber optic cable should I put? How can I weld the sheathed cable? What should I do after fusion splicing?

Only one optical cable can be placed, and each of the signal terminals has 4 cores, and a 12-core cable is basically sufficient. The user terminal is configured according to the amount. Fiber optic cables enter the terminal box and are separated by beam tubes, which enter the grids of operators. To increase the end module, it is recommended to put the fiber optic cable into the end. Which operator should use the jumper to jump to the user flange? The sheathed fiber optic cable has a special heat shrinkable tube and a protective tube, which is connected to a flange after melting. It is estimated that three operators will pull a box from the back, and things such as destruction will occur. I have also heard of this trend recently. Many network boxes are shared. After that, some people may cause damage. Resources seem to be saved, and troubles have appeared. FTTH are all floor optical sub-boxes-users, and there are connection boxes and connectors at the user end, which will easily break. There are special welding fixtures for pigtail and pigtail fiber optic cable pigtails. The user side can use pre-formed butterfly fiber optic cables or butterfly fiber optic cables and pigtails to be thermally fused (in a fiber optic disk or using a thermal protection sleeve ); The wiring side can be introduced by three public one optical cables, each occupying a different loose tube into their respective boxes and fused with the pigtail (up-link pigtail or up-link splitter of the optical splitter).


Post time: Aug-17-2020